Healthcare practice in the digital age

You need more than just a single page if you want to be found online. It takes a combination of tools for you to get found today



Create profile

Personalize your page by sharing professional details, place of work and providing links to social media accounts.
Engage in discussions and remain active on the platform so that patients around the world can read articles that you have written, programs that you have developed..


Online consultations

Offer consultations to patients around the world, either individually or in groups. Offering your working hours would enable patients to book with you and pay for your services


Engage in the discussions

Join the questions that are asked by patients to share your knowledge and experience. By staying active you would build trust and authority among patients from around the globe.


Online courses or programs

You can design online courses and programs based on your knowledge and experience of your specialty, as stand-alones, or follow up on group consultations you conduct. Your courses may cover a range of topics, from weight loss to migraine management.

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